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Strippit PX Punch Press

Strippit PX

Single-head system provides the ability to punch, form, bend and tap all on a single machine.

Punch, bend, tap and form all on a single machine. The PX Series punch press offers the ultimate in flexible production to handle even complex, three-dimensional parts. Its tool changer design features all-tool rotation – each tool is able to rotate a full 360 degrees. With a capacity of up to 200 tools, the ability to use any tool at any angle anywhere on the sheet, and the ability to form flanges up to 75 mm high, the PX-Series machine offers complete versatility.

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Strippit VX Punch Press

Strippit VX

Highly flexible punching machine with large turret capacity, further expanded with indexable multitools.

The VX Series is the choice for production applications demanding high productivity. These full-featured sheet metal punching machines are exceptionally versatile – high hit rates, large feed clearance and powerful control capabilities combine to enable optimal throughput. Full sheet utilization and heavy sheet carrying capacity also add capacity – as do smart features and automation options. It all adds up to punching productivity that is unsurpassed.

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Strippit V Punch Press

Strippit V

Full-featured punch press handles high tonnage, high production punching needs.

Effortlessly handle high tonnage, high production punching requirements with the V-Series. This full-featured 30-ton CNC punch press offers a flexible tool configuration, full sheet utilization and heavy-sheet carrying capacity. A large capacity turret provides the versatility of up to 120 fully indexable tools. The press drive system ensures the best power efficiency for higher tonnage applications. CNC programmable and relocatable work clamps allow full sheet utilization. Modular automation options add even more capacity and flexibility.

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Strippit M Punch Press

Strippit M

Large capacity and high performance turret punch press, ideal for batch processing. 

M-Series CNC punch presses are high capacity, highly flexible machines. A versatile 47-station turret – the largest turret capacity in its class – reduces set-up time to keep throughput high, no matter the application. The built-in Smart Stroke feature automatically optimizes the ram stroke and simplifies programming operations to further enhance productivity. LVD’s Energy Reduction System (ERS) makes the M-Series punch press more energy efficient than competitive offerings, less costly to operate and maintain.

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Strippit P Punch Press

Strippit P

Cost-effective turret punch press suitable for cellular manufacturing and short runs.

For cost-efficient CNC punching in a reliable and user-friendly machine there’s the P-Series. Hydraulic ram technology delivers the highest punching rates of any punch press in its class. The ram system, rugged frame and CNC control ensure tight tolerances and consistent punching accuracy. The control offers simplicity for operator input of critical dimensions. The P-Series is ideal for shorter production runs, prototype production, job shop environments and cellular manufacturing.

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Strippit E Punch Press

Strippit E

Servo-electric turret punch press offers high energy efficiency and exceptional repeatable accuracy for punching and forming.

The Strippit E Series servo-electric punch press is energy efficient, economical to operate, and offers precise control over the ram for consistently accurate forming operations. The electric press drive system uses fewer mechanical components, keeping machine reliability and uptime high, and maintenance costs to a minimum. A 47-station turret features three 88,9 mm auto-indexable stations for tremendous tool-carrying capacity and flexibility.

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PA Autoload System Punch Press

PA Autoload System

Automatic load/unload system offers continuous, uninterrupted processing.

Process work faster with the PA Autoload system. This automatic load/unload device reduces manual worksheet handling by as much as 80% to make punching operations more productive.The PA loads and unloads material from the same side of the machine for space-saving efficiency. High process stability allows unmanned production

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Compact Tower – CT-P Punch Press

Compact Tower – CT-P

Complete automation with loading, unloading and storage of raw materials and finished parts maximizes productivity.

Our Compact Tower (CT-P) loads, unloads and stores raw materials, skeletons and finished parts for automated production. The CT-P system creates a flexible manufacturing cell able to operate unmanned around the clock for top productivity. A space-saving design enhances optimal material flow for uninterrupted processing of punched parts. Pallet construction is designed for compact set up and convenient forklift manipulation.

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Flexible Automation – FA-P Punch Press

Flexible Automation – FA-P

Advanced load/unload and part picking system with large stacking area optimizes material flow.

One of the most flexible automation systems available for punching. The FA-P system can handle small and large volume applications with common material type, thickness and size and small as well as large work pieces. FA-P offers advanced load/unload, part picking and a large area for stacking punched parts directly onto the allocated pallet - with no operator intervention of additional automation required.

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