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Toolcell XT Press Brake Mchine

ToolCell XT

Multi-axis hydraulic press brake featuring automatic tool changer and extended tooling capacity – 50% more tool-carrying capacity than a standard ToolCell.

ToolCell XT provides all the features of the standard ToolCell plus 50% more tooling capacity for greater flexibility to bend small batch – high mix parts with high accuracy and minimal changeover time. All tools are held within the machine’s integrated tooling warehouse. Tool changes are automatic, fast and precise. LVD’s Easy-Form® Laser guarantees the desired angle from the first bending operation.

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Toolcell  Press Brake Mchine


Full-featured multi-axis hydraulic press brake with integrated automatic tool changing and tool library.

The ToolCell makes any bending application easier and more productive using revolutionary bending automation technology that minimizes setups, is fast and highly reliable. An integrated automated tool changing system stores a library of top and bottom tooling. All tools are held within the machine and automatically changed as the job requires – significantly minimizing tool changeover time for better bending productivity. LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser in-process angle monitoring and correction technology ensures the first part is a good part.

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Easy-Form Press Brake Mchine


The ultimate hydraulic press brake equipped with LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser onboard adaptive bending system.

The Easy-Form precision press brake delivers top-of-the-line performance – high accuracy and productivity. This ultimate bending machine, based on the PPEB Series design, is enhanced with LVD’s patented Easy-Form® in-process angle correction and monitoring system. Easy-Form monitors the angle of the bend in real time and provides instant feedback to the TOUCH-B control so that each part is formed to the correct angle from the very first bend.

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PPEB Press Brake Mchine


High-precision, configure-to-order hydraulic press brake for applications demanding increased throughput, flexibility and productivity.

PPEB Series press brakes offer high precision and flexibility. Equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics and offered in multi-axis configurations, the PPEB can tackle bending applications from simple to complex, efficiently and cost effectively. LVD’s intelligent bend database is used to automatically optimize each part program to eliminate trial bending and reduce the time it takes to bend a quality part.

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PPED Press Brake Mchine


Practical, easy-to-use hydraulic press brake for general bending applications.

PPED Series press brakes are practical and easy to use – perfect for general-purpose bending. A cost-effective design combined with LVD precision and reliability delivers true application flexibility. An intuitive touch screen control combined with LVD’s easy to use software makes programming and setup quick and simple for every level of user. Offered in a range of models, in manual and CNC configurations, there’s a PPED machine to fit most applications.

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Dyna-Cell Press Brake Mchine


Compact, robotized bending cell featuring a high-speed electric-drive Dyna-Press Pro press brake coupled with an industrial robot.

The Dyna-Cell robotic bending cell features the high-speed Dyna-Press Pro electric press brake coupled with an industrial robot functioning together as a compact, integrated unit to automate the bending of small- to medium-sized parts in varying batch sizes at speeds of up to 25 mm per seconds. Dyna-Cell offers maximum bending productivity in a compact footprint of 5 m x 5 m.

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Dyna-Press Press Brake Mchine


Electric, portable press brake for high-speed bending of small parts. 

The Dyna-Press is your perfect bending partner. The electric drive Dyna-Press delivers fast bending speeds of 25 mm per second to bend more parts per hour at a lower cost per part. Ideal for bending small and simple parts, its ergonomic design permits use in a standing or seated position. Add to this impressive production capabilities, easy to use control and compact size for a press brake that is fast, accurate and flexible.

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Synchro-Form Press Brake Mchine


Synchro-Form ensures angular consistency on large parts with multiple bends. 

Synchro-Form is a unique and revolutionary new adaptive bending system designed to make bending large profiles easy, efficient and consistently accurate. Synchro-Form ensures angular consistency on large parts with multiple bends. This next-generation adaptive bending system automatically measures and compensates for every bend so that the geometric profile is perfectly formed. Synchro-Form eliminates manual operations, reduces setup and handling, and ensures consistent bending results – delivering high throughput for XXL bending.

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PPEB-H Press Brake Mchine


Custom, configure-to-order heavy-duty press brakes for L, XL and XXL special applications.

The PPEB-H Series is the choice for heavy bending. These robust, heavy-duty press brakes are custom built for the application. Numerous configurable machine selections and automation options make each PPEB-H press brake a complete, customized solution. LVD’s intelligent bend database optimizes bending parameters for efficient, accurate bending. An intuitive touch screen control reduces the time it takes to go from art to formed part.

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Custom PPEB-H Press Brake Mchine

Custom PPEB-H

Tandem/Tridem and Quadem Series press brakes allow the combination of two, three or four PPEB-H series press brakes.

PPEB-H custom press brakes offer versatility for heavy-duty bending of L, XL and XXL plate parts. Combine two, three or four PPEB-H press brakes of similar or dissimilar tonnage in a synchronized configuration for maximum productivity and flexibility. When two press brakes are used in tandem, both machines are controlled using one CNC control. For added flexibility, each machine in the tandem can also be used independently. These custom-built machines uniquely meet your heavy-duty bending needs with a choice of configurable options and automation possibilities. 

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Press Brake Tooling Press Brake Mchine

Press Brake Tooling

High precision press brake tooling for standard and custom applications.

Our extensive range of high quality press brake tooling meets your every bending need. A complete line of standard press brake tooling is available for machines from 120 to 30000 kN. Single, multiple and adjustable V-dies are also offered. LVD’s patented STONE radius V-dies employ an innovative design that assures accurate bend angles along the entire bend length. Vertical removable style tooling makes tool changeover quick and easy. Specialized tooling is designed to withstand extremely high forces and rugged production conditions.

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